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            volcanoes have certain benefits too. The fertility of land increases due to lava. The agricultural production is very good due to fertile land in Java and Sumatra, as it is made of lava. The potassium rich soil from the volcanic residuals helps the farmers to obtain abundant crop production. The hot water springs in the areas of volcano have germ-killing property and that cures skin diseases. At a lower depth from surface of earth, certain minerals like mercury, tungsten, tin-plating, zinc aluminium, etc. can be obtained easily due to volcano. The lava that cools down inside the vent of extinct volcano turns it into diamonds with the passage of time. The small rocks thrown out during volcanic eruption known as Lapilli’ which have been proved to be very useful as they can be mould easily. Think Would you like to live in a region of volcano? Why? Tsunami Due to volcanic eruption or earthquake on the sea floor, high oceanic waves are created. They are known as tsunami. They are high and have unimaginable length.5.5 Scenes of oceanic waves of Tsunami. Their length is approximately 700 to 1600 kilometers .These waves travel with a great speed and force. Time pass on  they reach the coast, they attain great height and power which causes a great deal of destruction in the coastal regions. It was witnessed on 11th March,2011 in Japan. Strong and whirling winds also create big and strong waves. Once the storm gets over, these waves become tall with a high wavelength which can travel great distances. That waves cause a enough deal of destruction in the coastal regions. Hence they are known as the destructive waves. At times ,rock falls, ice-falls or underwater and  slides or slumps can generate displacement of water to create a T-suanami.

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